Personal Debt Solutions - Full & Final

Full & Final IVA

A full and final IVA arrangement is more appropriate for you if you do not meet the appropriate level of minimum contributions but are in the position to offer creditors a lump sum payment.

The most common way for the lump sum payment to be made is via a remortgage but other alternatives may include a lump sum payment from a third party, proceeds from the sale of property or other assets i.e. shares, bonds etc

Informal Full & Final

Many people who have equity just simply cannot obtain sensible remortgage offers at the moment. However, this will hopefully change over the next 12 months.

In the meantime clients with unmanageable debts can go into Debt Management and then seek to settle their debts at a discount 6 – 12 months later. We will work with you to obtain the remortgage and we will then negotiate the full and final settlement and wrap it into a Trust Deed to ensure that the settlement is binding.

The settlement could also come from third parties, sale of property proceeds, shares, bonds, endowments, etc